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Written by Rainman   
Monday, 13 July 2015 07:51

6D 3127The 2015 NABF was a rousing sucess (as usual). More information to come. Check back later.  The images from Saturday are here.

The images from Sunday are here.

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Written by Rainman   
Wednesday, 16 July 2014 21:34

TheA big Camera North Atlantic Blues Festival is now history.  It was another marvelous weekend with near perfect weather, wonderfully friendly crowds and great music. The sample images from the festival are here.     http://www.happyhound.us/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=54  . The image on the left is a great suprise, a photographer making pictures with a 4 by 5 view camera.  It was really interesting to see him practice his craft.♦

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Written by Rainman   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 21:19

Cracks in the record of timeAs a change from the series of lighthouse images posted recently.

While cleaning up my yard from the damage of the past winter I was stacking some wood from a tree that was taken down due to winter storm damage. I noticed the growth rings and thought about the markings indication the passage of time.

Upon further examination I noticed the cracks across the "time lines".  I thought the pattern was interesting so I got out my camera and photographed it.  I added a little water to bring out the color.  This increased the distinct differences in the bands, streaks and cracks in the wood.  I used a slightly shallow depth of field to apply a little blur to the closer part of the log in the bottom left of the image that was closer to the camera.

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Patriotic Portland Headlight in Winter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rainman   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 20:40

Portland Head Light With Flag FlyingThis image was made during a trip to Portland in late February.  The wind was really blowing up a storm and it was cold even in the bright sun.  If you could get out of the wind it would have been concidered a warm day for February.   I took many images that day, most are your typical Maine light house post card picture.

It was interesting to watch the activities in the harbor.  Several lobster boats cruised out to tend their traps.  A fishing boat or two came in to the harbor.  A very large Tanker was slowly guided in to dock followed by the pilot boat.  And even a barge was towed in by a tug boat.

I was amased at how many people visit the lighthouse even on such a cold day.  Many cars in the parking area had out of state plates.  The tourists visit here at the lighthouse even in this cold weather.  No way near the number that you will see in the summer but more than I would expect this time of year.

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Full Moon Light PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rainman   
Thursday, 03 April 2014 21:40

Nuble Light with a full moon boost
After a trip to Boston the Geeks on Wheels and the sub group Photo Geeks on Wheels stopped in Cape Neddick to see the famous Nuble Lighthouse.As it turned out it was the evening before the full moon.  

As you can see by the image, it turned out to be a spectacular time to photograph the lighthouse. The moon was very cooperative in arriving before dark and placing its self in position near the light house.  The multitude of photographers near the lighthouse were very busy and very appreciative of the moons actions. 

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2013 Gloucester Blues Festival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rainman   
Sunday, 11 August 2013 12:46

Schooner in Glocester HarborGloucester Blues Festival 2013

The second annual Gloucester Blues Festival was held August 2nd at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester Mass.

Amoung the performers were Gracie Curran and the High Falutin' band, Mr. Nick and the Dirty Tricks, Lydia Warren, Johnny Rawls, Anthony Gomes, Ana Popovic, and Tommy Castro.

Images from the 2013 Gloucester Blues Festival are here.

To see the images click here!!!      http://www.happyhound.us/piwigo/index.php?/category/2

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Sunday, 11 August 2013 10:00

Rockland Harbor                                          NABF 2013     

The 2013 edition of the North Atlanic Blues Festival was held on July 13 &14 in Rockland Maine. 

The final images from the North Atlantic Blues Festival are here. 

Click here North Atlantic Blues Festival 2013.


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Holiday greetings PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 00:00

2012 Festivus pole

  Happy Holidays

  This was our Festivus pole for this year. 

  It was decorated for the holiday season and was a stand out visual experience.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011 21:05

Washington Monument reflected  In memory of those who gave their lives for our freedom.

 In case you haven't figured this out, this image is the Washington Monument reflected from a section of the Vietnam Memorial.

 I felt it was a very moving moment.



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Why Water Falls PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rainman   
Thursday, 30 September 2010 00:00

Snow's Falls

In late September we were traveling around western Maine near West Paris.  We stopped at a rest area called "Snow's Falls" the photo was taken on the far side of the little island that helps to create the "Falls".  It was very overcast with a feeling of either a cold rain or snow would fall at any moment.  This photo was taken at f/16 and 30 sec. shutter speed at ISO 100 with 2 Neutral density filters to achieve the long shutter speed that was necessary to capture the motion in the water.

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Trip to Stonington PDF Print E-mail


A foggy harbor morning

 In late June we took a trip to Stonington for a photo shoot.  As usual the weather was less than cooperative.  This is an image of the harbor in Stonington.  The fog was so thick we couldn't even get any misty foggy coastal images.

Breakers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rainman   
Friday, 05 June 2009 09:47

Breakers, Nuble Light

 On a recent drive up the southern Maine coast we came to Wells Beach and Nubble Light.  It was a stormy day and the breakers were very impressive.  I think that the Boone Island lighthouse is in the background.

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We're back!!! PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 11:44
Well its a new year and a new look here at the Happy Hound.  There are many changes taking place so "stay tuned" and see the "New Happy Hound".
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